"When everyone else zigs, it's time to zag" – these are words from Luke Sullivan’s bestselling book about advertising "Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This". How to interpret them? This is how I understand them: "when your competitors play in a typical and predictable way, find your opportunities, play different, stay unique. This is the path to success. Something that seems to be more difficult and risky may give you more benefits indeed. Cutting corners or choosing a safe path being traveled by majority of people usually doesn’t satisfy your expectations".
I was inspired by described idea to set up zigZAG marketing agency. It’s clearly reflected in the agency name or its logo. And it makes impact on projects we’ve been developing. Our mission is to create unique brands which will be noticed and remembered by people. So, if you don’t want to stay in the shade or disappear in the crowd but opposite, you’d like to create a strong and authentic brand – please, be our guest.

Bartosz Konstanty


There are few short cases written below. They are taken from different part of life to show the power of zigZAG strategy. They also reflect our agency core values: original and efficient strategy, creativity, uniqueness, courage, wisdom, calculated risk, proactivity, persistence.


CASE "advertising":

In 2008, during American Super Bowl final game, Pepsi surprised everybody. Within the most expensive air-time commercial break in American television, Pepsi’s mute ad was run. The heroes in the spot were deaf and dumb people. Pepsi had cleverly predicted that all others marketers would bet on fireworks and shouting in their own TV spots, to draw viewers attention. Pepsi benefited from ZAG idea to play in a different way. Its surprising and funny TV spot was the hottest one, being discussed by millions of Americans and generated financial benefits for Pepsi, afterwards. You can watch Pepsi ad mentioned, below:


CASE "business":

Just imagine a downturn on the stock exchange market. What is zig reaction? Selling its stock. It’s afraid, has lack of knowledge and experience and is driven by „a crowd psychology”. What is ZAG doing, on the other hand? It's buying underestimated stock, to keep it or sell it at a higher price in the right moment. It takes a calculated risk because it knows that it’s going to be a real deal in the future.


CASE "life":

Have you ever been a couch potato? If you have or this is your lifestyle, you’re on zig side. ZAG would prefer to put its trainers on and do some jogging, no matter of rainy weather. zig throws down its arms because of a disaster, searching for excuses. ZAG is ready to act, stays proactive, looking for solutions and good news. If you’re inspired by the film below, why don’t you try us and our philosophy?